Teorie kondenzovaných látek

Výzkumná skupina na Ústavu fyziky kondenzovaných látek

Vybavení teoretické skupiny

For our numerical work, we often use the supercomputer resources available to the academic institutions in the Czech Republic. The group also runs an own computational server dedicated mainly to the development of the codes and initial test calculations.


Computing server

  • Dell PowerEdge R720
  • Two eigth-core processors Intel Xeon E5-2667v2
  • 512 GB memory
  • Running home-developed programs in Fortran, C++, Python

MetaCentrum NGI

  • National grid infrastructure operating many supercomputing clusters at various universities and research institutions in the Czech Republic
  • Heterogenous environment with a capacity of more than 8000 CPU


  • National centre operating computing and data storage infrastructure for research and development, located at the Institute of Computer Sciences, Masaryk Univerzity, Brno
  • Capacity of more than 6000 CPU cores




  • National supercomputing centre providing supercomputer resources on a project basis, operates largest supercomputers in the Czech Republic
  • Capacity of more than 27000 CPU cores, many nodes come with Intel Xeon Phi or NVIDIA GPU accelerators

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